Art Of Rap Radio is the official radio station of The Art Of Rap festival and concert series, presented by celebrity manager Mick Benzo and his partner, actor/rapper Ice T. The Art Of Rap began as a documentary created by Ice T., which was shown in theaters in 2012. Two years later, the rapper and his manager Mick Benzo created The Art of Rap festival, featuring some of Hiphop's greatest old school artists.


The Art of Rap festival features pioneer and legendary Hihop artists artists from various eras on one stage, touring United States cities outdoors during the Summer, and indoors during the winter. The Soulsonic Force, Grandmaster Caz, Melle Mel, Sugarhill Gang, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube and Ice T. himself have graced the stage at The Art of Rap festival. Listen to 20 years of throwback Rap from 1978 - 1998.


Do NOT be fooled by what you may have been led to believe about Hiphop. There is a major difference between Hiphop and Rap. In fact, the Bronx emcee KRS-One summed it up best: "Rap is something you DO, Hiphop is how you LIVE." We represent the CULTURE of Hiphop!


Ice T & Mick Benzo
"Final Level Morning Show"
weekdays 7a-11a


Tiffany Coles
"Cold Crush"
weekdays 11a-3p


Quadeer Shakur
"The 5th Element"
weekdays 7p-11p


Chris Snell
"It's Like That"
weekdays 11a-3p


Rackel Jackson
"And Ya Don't Stop"
weekdays 3a-7a

Rates as low as $170 USD per person per night. Premium Beverage Package Included

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