Hiphop 977 recognizes that Hiphop is one of the most important genres of music of all time. The genre began in November, 1974 and was founded by the Universal Zulu Nation, Hiphop Culture's first and oldest organization (founded in November 1973).

Hiphop music and culture has influenced American culture, style, and all facets of subculture, while connecting young adults from all cultural backgrounds, religions, and nationalities. Founded on the four spiritual principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Havin' Fun, Hiphop Culture is not to be confused with Rap music, which is a physical aspect of the Culture.

Hiphop and Rap music is like the film industry. There are various stories from love stories, to gangster stories, to horror stories, to documentary-style stories. Hiphop is the ear to streets, as well as the portal to fantasies. Not all Rap music is Hiphop, and not all Hiphop is Rap music. The great KRS-One says, "Rap is something you DO, Hiphop is how you LIVE." One is a style of vocalization, the other is a CULTURE. In fact, please also spell it right. It's Hiphop, not two words separated with a hypen (Hip-Hop). Our station plays signed, unsigned, new and old school songs. We also play B-sides, album cuts, and rare Rap songs.

Hiphop 977 features music by signed and unsigned artists from all over the world. Our volunteer personalities is what drives us. Listen to songs by Tupac Shakur, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Twice Thou, Minnie Clay, Red Shaydez, OZ Da General, Kool Keith, Cardi B, Nikki Minaj, and more. We support unsigned. Submit your music today.

Hiphop 977 is not Hot 977 and we are not associate with ihreat radio. We are realer than all that shyt.


To love Hiphop Culture, is to respect all contributions to the music called Rap. Every style matters, because all rappers have something to say. From Tupac Shakur to M.C. Hammer, to Grandmaster Melle Mel, Drake, Ice T, Wizdom Starr, M.C. Lyte, Dani Devastation, and Nicki Minaj, we respect the music. Listen and you will hear songs from the East Coast, West Coast, New School, and Old School. We are not your local radio station. We ARE Hiphop Culture. We're the digital difference. Listen and learn.

We appreciate your generosity. Please donate whatever you can to help us remain on air. Your donation not only helps to fund our station's broadcasts. It helps to fund our community outreach programs. BlackBerry Radio works behind the scenes in the judge's chambers of juvenile court to offer an alternative to probation violations. We teach radio and broadcasting to give young adults a new perspective on life, in our hopes of healing the community and the world. Our fathers program Custody Advocate, helps dads and  moms get more time with their children through our airtight Parenting Plans, supported by the family courts. Help us help others. Donate today.

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