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14 Things About Prince Only His Biggest Fans Know

by Jess catcher

Even though the majority of fans never knew him personally, it’s hard not to feel the blow from the passing of such an iconic figure in pop culture. Prince’s huge personality and zeal for performing always made him seem larger than life, despite his small frame.

Luckily, we will always have his music to remember him by. But there are quite a few interesting facts about Prince and his life offstage that even some of his biggest fans haven’t uncovered.

Take a look below to celebrate the incredible man’s memory and learn even more about what made him such a fascinating star throughout his career.

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1. He Wrote His First Song At 7

With his dad playing music in their home, it didn’t take long for Prince to pick up a knack for making melodies with his first tune, “Funk Machine.”

4. Michael Jackson Wanted "Bad" To Be A Duet With Him

Michael wanted to share the song with Prince, but the latter took issue with the tune’s opening line, “Your butt is mine.”

He responded to the King of Pop by saying, “Who’s singing that to whom? Because you sure ain’t singing that to me — and I sure ain’t singing that to you.”

5. The Symbol Did Have A Name

The “unpronounceable symbol” which he first used for the artwork on his 1992 album was actually known as “Love Symbol #2.” The musician later trademarked it.

6. He Had Three Separate #1 Hits Simultaneously

After his film Purple Rain premiered in July 1984, it hit the #1 box office spot, while its soundtrack topped the album charts. “When Doves Cry” did the same in the singles charts.

Prince provided the tunes for the reception when the Star Wars creator tied the knot with his wife, Mellody Hobson, back in 2013.

10. He Once Charged Only $12.50 For Concert Tickets

In 2014 at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Prince played a long set with 34 of his hit tunes to a packed crowd who only paid £10 (roughly $12.50 in American dollars) to get through the door.

The Minneapolis-born musician clearly loved his Northern roots and laid down most of his tracks at the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in the town of Eden Prairie.

12. He Was Known To Make Unusual Food Orders

In a 1994 interview with Rolling Stone, William Blinn, co-writer of the script for Purple Rain, revealed how he knew the singer was something special as he placed his order during dinner when they first met:

“I never met anyone in the world who ordered spaghetti with tomato sauce and orange juice to drink. He’s definitely got his own drummer going.”

You might think the folk singer wasn’t in Prince’s funkadelic radar, but she also claims to have spotted him at just 15 years old in the front row during one of her shows.

14. He Was Very Serious About Keeping New 'Dos A Secret

Prince was so insistent on stealth when changing his style that he reportedly paid a salon in Washington to not only close down for the day while crafting his new coif, but even had them black out their windows so no prying eyes could peep in.

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